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About us

SASH Cosmetics was founded in Australia when the realisation dawned upon us that we often have a hard time in our quest to find a lipstick which would not only be high quality but also reasonably priced. We firmly believe that lipsticks are not just something you buy on a whim but rather the investment of a lifetime, a treasure to be shared with your friends and with the world.

It became our journey to bring you a brand of lipsticks that would meet all your expectations no matter what your mood wants or the event demands, lipsticks that are so versatile you can wear it again and again without sparing a moment’s thought! And that’s when SASH was born.

When you choose a lipstick from our inexhaustible and exquisite line at SASH Cosmetics, you are not just choosing a colour but a sheer work of art. We know that you deserve the best quality that there is, do you?